Why Write Requirements?

Автор: Scott Sehlhorst
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Язык: Английский

Как записывать требования? Чтобы это понять, сначала осознайте, зачем вы их записываете. Текст перечисляет 6 главных «зачем?».

Кстати, на этом же сайте есть еще более 300 статей на тему работы с требованиями.


«Understanding what your market needs is the most important goal supported by writing requirements, although writing requirements only indirectly contributes to your understanding. There isn’t a single standardized structure for capturing market understanding, every product manager has their own approach, ranging from “in your head” to sticky-notes and back-of-the-napkin drawings to canvases, mind maps, wikis, and big documents».

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I am in this hell right now. My predecessor didn’t articulate clearly what the “need” was, but listed a set of specifications. Engineering wasn’t constrained in what they were doing, so they “interpreted the requirements” how they saw fit. Now that we are past the halfway point, we are scrambling to try to recover what the intent of the project/product was.