Why I still use use cases

Автор: Alistair Cockburn
Язык: Английский

Один из самых известных экспертов по User Experience описывает преимущества use cases перед user stories.


User stories and backlog items don’t give the project team any sense of “completeness” – what I keep finding is that the development team bids/estimates the projects at (e.g.) 270 story points, and then as soon as they start working, that number keeps increasing, seemingly without bound. The developers are depressed and the sponsors are equally depressed by this. How big is this project, really?

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I followed a link endorsing the usefulness of use cases and landed here. Glad to find you Alistair. When I first read about User Stories I was very skeptical of their usefulness particularly after the evolution of Use Cases—-the way you evolved them. All the reasons you have given are obvious (to me) and they did not have to come from you. But since you have done it, we should see the end of User Stories soon. Or has it already happened? I would celebrate their demice.