Product Prioritisation 101

Автор: Martin Eriksson
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Язык: Английский

Как разобраться с приоритетами? Метод взвешивания и скоринга.


«Before you sit down to prioritise anything you have to know what’s important for your business. If you’re an app platform it’s probably the number of apps and app downloads you have. If you’re an e-commerce site it’s likely the conversion rate and sales revenue. The point is – every business is different and if you don’t define and agree your priorities up front you risk optimising for the wrong thing, or nothing at all».

Отзывы о материале

Nice summary, Martin. I've used a similar approach for years. I think most good PMs develop some sort of scoring methodology eventually, but they are all slightly different and vary in sophistication. Common pitfalls include setting too many different KPIs, using too detailed a scoring scale (like exact dollars, person-hours or 1-100), leaving out level of effort, or forgetting to get input and buy-in from your stakeholders on your KPIs and scoring.